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Root Canals

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Root canals are a very useful service and procedure provided by a dentist.  Root canals are an alternative to tooth extraction.  Many times a tooth may be saved by completing a root canal procedure.  Front and back teeth may have root canals.  Baby teeth may have a variation of a root canal procedure completed as well.  Although, adult teeth typically will have most endodontic or root canal procedures completed.

General dentists or endodontists may complete root canals.  Briefly, the infected nerve of a tooth is removed in a root canal.  The very small root “canals” are then shaped, cleaned and filled with a material to seal up the canals.  After that many times a cap or crown is needed on the tooth for strength.  After a root canal a tooth may be weakened and become “brittle” and will need further strengthening that a dental crown may offer.  If a tooth already has a crown, the root canal may be completed by the dentist drilling through the crown to the root of the tooth.

Root canal procedures can vary in time and cost in Dallas Texas, Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and across the United States.  Many factors may be considered when discussing cost.  Just one factor may be whether the tooth has one, two, three or four roots in the anatomy.  A tooth with multiple roots will require more time and expertise than that of a one or two rooted tooth.  Most anterior or front teeth will have a single root canal.  Back teeth will have three or four or more roots canals to their anatomy.  Please remember that there are variations possible as well.  Some dentists may complete root canals in one appointment or take as many as three appointments to complete.  Although a root canal will cost more than an extraction, it is far better to attempt to keep a natural tooth in place.

Root canals are a great option as opposed to tooth extraction.  If  a tooth doesn’t feel the same as it did before or if you have a toothache or discomfort with it, a root canal may be the service you would need.  Our dentist office in Arlington Texas would be happy to help you with your tooth discomfort.  Dallas Texas dentist, William H. Miller, D.M.D., would be happy to assist you with your dental concerns.

For more information within our site about root canals go to our Root Canal Page.

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