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Dental Cleaning in Dallas Texas

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A dental cleaning is a very important part of a healthy mouth and great smile.  Clean teeth are healthier teeth.  A person’s teeth and smile are very important for chewing and appearance.  Usually, an examination including x-rays may be completed at the same appointment.  It is important to have a complete dental examination by a dentist to check for any problems along with a dental cleaning.  X-rays may also be taken so that the dentist may be able to check-out and diagnose any underlying problems accurately.

A smile is one of a person’s greatest asset.  Tooth enamel is one of nature’s most beautiful substances.  Plaque, stain and calculus can form on the surface of the teeth within a very short amount of time. Although, regular brushing and flossing are both important on a daily basis, that is not a substitute for a professional dental cleaning / teeth cleaning by a dental office.  Cleaning frequency recommendations will vary from patient to patient.  In general, the range could be from one time annually to every three months. Many different factors come in to consideration when selecting the correct frequency of cleaning for a person.

Cost of a routine dental cleaning in Dallas, Texas may vary from one office to another.  Average time for a cleaning can be anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.  The x-rays and examination may be completed on the same visit or may be completed prior to the dental cleaning appointment.

The dental cleaning most often is completed by a dental hygienist although a dentist may do the cleaning as well.

If it has been a while since your teeth were checked and cleaned, contact us so that we may help you keep your smile beautiful and healthy.  Our dentist office in Dallas, Texas would be happy to clean your teeth and maintain or improve your smile today.

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