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Biteguards / Nightguards

Biteguards Nightguards | Dentist Arlington Tx | Teeth Grinding and BruxismThese devises or appliances are used many times to reduce the harmful affects of clenching or grinding the teeth.  Biteguards are many times used for the treatment of “TMJ”.

When teeth grind together, typically at night during sleep, it may cause painful muscle soreness in or near the temporomandibular joint located just in front of the ear.  Also, soreness and pain may occur from the facial muscles as well.  Biteguards many times help reduce this stress on your joint and muscles by creating a “cushion” between your upper and lower teeth.

Preventative Biteguards

Biteguards can also be used after crowns or bridges are placed in the mouth to protect against breakage of the porcelain on the crown or bridge.

Biteguards are made of processed “acrylic” material that is made in a laboratory.  Usually impressions are made of your upper and lower teeth and from those impressions a biteguard is made.

Often, Dr. Miller will analyze and gather other information related to your “bite” that will insure a proper fitting biteguard that will last for years.

  • Do you clench or grind your teeth?
  • Are your jaws sore in the morning after you awake?
  • Do you have unexplained headaches or teeth that seem to always stay sore?

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