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Teeth in a Day in Dallas, Texas

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“Teeth in a day”…. Fact or Fiction?Whiten Teeth Arlington TX | Mouth Makeover | Teeth in a Day

As a Dallas, Texas dentist, Dr. William Miller is often asked about the concept and possibility of  “teeth in a day”. Typically, this question will come from patients that are missing teeth or patients that feel their current teeth are esthetically unattractive.

Can You Get Teeth Fixed in 1 Day?

The answer to that question may range from “yes”, “maybe” or “no” – no conclusive answers can be given till your teeth are examined by a dentist, since there are many factors that must be considered before giving a correct answer to an inquiring patient. This article is not intended to give specific information for any one individual patient but to serve as just a few thoughts and comments to consider when reading or discussing “teeth in a day.”

Some Dental Procedures are Quick and Straightforward

Dentistry has changed and progressed especially during the past 25 years. Crowns and bridges can be made and completed within a day. Implants along with teeth may also be completed within a day in certain circumstances.  

Certain procedures may fall into the category of  “teeth in a day” although the teeth may actually be temporary in nature and the permanent tooth work may be finished in the subsequent weeks or months later.  Some dental offices may have several preliminary, preparation appointments to gather information and prepare for the one, “teeth in a day” appointment.  So, the “teeth in a day” appointment, actually may have taken several appointments prior to the final, “teeth in a day” appointment time. Therefore, depending on the specific nature of the problem treated, teeth may or may not be completed “within one day”.  Many factors regarding dental disease, health, esthetics and complexity of treatment will all impact the overall treatment of a patient and whether teeth may all be completed in one day.

Exerting Patience Leads to Better, More Beneficial Results

Patients should always keep in mind that “quick” does not necessarily mean “the best.” A dentist and their patient must have time to share and discuss all available options for treatment. Also, time needs to be given to discuss  the benefits and risks of a proposed treatment plan. Regardless if teeth are completed in a day, week or month, care and attention to detail should be given to every aspect of a patient’s treatment.

Dr. William Miller is an experienced, knowledgeable, and thoughtful dentist that is able to answer any questions regarding comprehensive dental care. He will be able to use his knowledge and experience in discussing and planning what the best course of treatment may be for a patient.


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