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Implant or a Bridge for Single Tooth Replacement?

» 06 April 2012 » In Dental Implants, Dental News, Teeth Health »

When missing a tooth, which would you choose….a dental implant or a dental bridge?  For many years fixed or permanent bridges were used to replace missing anterior or posterior teeth.  Today, dental implants are the first choice when discussing tooth replacement.  By using implants the adjacent teeth on either side of the space are not affected.  “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” applies very well in this situation.  When using a bridge, typically the adjacent teeth must be “cut” or prepared so that they may be used as abutments or “anchor” teeth for the missing tooth.  Many times the adjacent teeth may be totally healthy and therefore no dental reason why they would be included in the facilitation of making the bridge.

Implant procedures for single teeth would not include the adjacent teeth at all.  Basically, the area of the missing tooth is the only consideration.  An implant is placed in the area where the tooth is needed without touching the adjacent teeth.  An abutment and crown is then placed on the implant and the procedure is complete.

Implants work very well within the mouth and serve as excellent solutions to replacing missing teeth.  Implants have a longevity when planned and completed by competent dental professionals.  Bridges may have worked well in the past  but today dental implants are one’s first choice when discussing choices for tooth replacement.

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