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Economy and Your Teeth

» 18 May 2012 » In Dental News, Dentistry and Health »

For the past several years times have been tough for most.  The effects of a depressed economy have been felt here in our local community and across the globe.  Many have lost jobs, whereby medical and dental benefits have been lost and it has been difficult in acquiring basic and routine medical and dental check-ups.

Although times are tough basic dental cleanings and check-ups are important to keep a person’s smile healthy.  When delaying these common and basic dental visits, more significant problems  can occur within the oral cavity.   A basic dental cleaning is very important in keeping the teeth clean, plaque free and an effort in fighting off potential tooth decay.

The dental examination by a dentist is also a great benefit to the patient.  Teeth are often very difficult to visualize by a patient and a dental exam by a dentist is needed to check out all teeth, both front and back.   Decay (cavities), broken teeth, gum problems can all have a negative affect upon one’s oral health.

Yes, this visit to the dentist’s office will take a little time and cost a few dollars, but the benefit gained and the service performed is well worth the time and money.

For those with dental insurance the “out of pocket” expense may be zero or just a few dollars depending on the specific dental insurance plan with the employer.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely something to remember when considering a visit to the dentist.

Cavities get larger over time  and the time, effort, materials and expense go up as well.  Root canals, crowns, implants and extractions may also be necessary to rehabilitate one’s mouth to a state of health and beauty.

Therefore,  a visit to the dentist may not be so bad after all.  Visits can keep one’s teeth and oral cavity healthy, beautiful and can be potentially less expensive if the dentist office is visited more often.

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