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Affordable Dental Bridges Cost for Your Teeth

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Today, there are several options for people who are missing teeth due to accidents and other dental issues. One option for those who have surrounding natural teeth is a dental bridge.  A  bridge is made up of crowns. One nearby, healthy tooth on each side is used as a support for a bridge. Between the crowns are prosthetic teeth called pontics. They can be made out of different types of material such as ceramics, gold, porcelain, or an alloy.

Dental Bridge Benefits

If you are missing several teeth in one area, your surrounding teeth may have a tendency to drift into the missing space. This may cause your entire facial structure to change. Affordable dental bridges are a good way to prevent this. Also, bridges give people with several missing teeth the ability to chew and speak normally. This can also prevent your remaining teeth from wearing out too quickly, because it balances out the bite.

What to Expect When Getting a Bridge

The process of receiving a bridge will take more than one visit in order to ensure a reasonable fit. The natural support teeth are prepared for receiving the crowns. This usually requires removing some of the enamel and reshaping the tooth. The dental staff will then fit you for your bridge. Impressions of your teeth are sent to a dental lab where your bridge is made. You may be given a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth. When you come back to the office, the temporary bridge is taken off, and the new bridge is placed. It may take a few visits to ensure the fit is correct before the dentist permanently secures it in place. This is important because an ill-fitting bridge is uncomfortable and could potentially damage your teeth and gums.

Costs of Dental Bridges

Dental insurance sometimes will cover some of the cost of dental bridges. The out-of-pocket expenses for dental bridges can vary depending on the size of the bridge, the material used, and any unique specifications needed. Bridges cost more when more work has to be done to prepare the teeth. This is why it is important to use a dentist who is experienced in working with bridges. Inexperienced dentists may not have the experience needed to insure a proper fit. However, they are typically more reasonably priced than many people think. Also, remember that affordable bridges cost little compared to the benefits they offer.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

After you have a bridge, it is important to brush and floss well and to see your dentist regularly. Plaque can accumulate under the bridge and cause tooth decay or gum disease. To prevent this, always use proper brushing techniques. It may be recommended that you floss with a special type of floss. Dental cleanings are crucial to keep plaque from accumulating.

One of the biggest advantages of getting a dental bridge is the confidence it brings. Bridges and other restorative dental work can sometimes make all the difference for someone who feels insecure about their smile because of missing teeth. If you want to feel good about your smile again, contact us for more information about dental bridges.

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