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Composite Fillings or Silver Fillings?

» 15 October 2013 » In Cavities, Fillings »

Maybe you have a new cavity or a mouth full of previously filled cavities that are in need of repair or replacing with new fillings. Which filling material is the healthiest and safest to use while keeping your teeth looking their best?

A dentist that is “up-to-date” on current procedures and techniques will probably be using  composite fillings instead of silver amalgam. Silver fillings were the predominant material utilized years ago but that is not necessarily the case today.

Preventative Care

Many people put off a trip to the dentist worried that it may be too time consuming, expensive, or because their teeth are not an issue to them at the time. But when a toothache hits, the first person they call is their dentist. Preventative care may have steered the toothache from ever happening. Also replacing a cracked silver filling with a composite material before it begins to be a problem may keep that tooth from breaking off and becoming a bigger problem.

Cavities and Fillings

When your dentist discovers a cavity, there are choices in the type of filling material used to remedy the problem. Many dentists suggest to their patients to choose a composite tooth filling over the age-old silver amalgam filling. The composite material provides a more natural coloring to the tooth when filling in a cavity. A silver filling may give the tooth a shaded coloring from the silver and may make the filled cavity more obvious and aesthetically unpleasing. Although the FDA has found silver tooth fillings to be safe, there remains controversy about the mercury within a silver filling.

Conversely, a composite filling uses a resin material that can be colored to match the color of the tooth being filled. It is an aesthetic alternative to the standard silver filling. When replacing a filling or taking care of a new cavity, why not choose a material that will give a brighter look to your smile?

Keeping Your Teeth Looking Their Best

To accomplish a great looking smile, regular trips to the dentist are in order. Regular cleanings and periodic check-ups are necessary to look for cracked fillings, cavities and evidence of gum disease.

To keep that smile healthy, call our office today to schedule your visit for preventative care.

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